WebTyrant Shenanigans at 8:30am…

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John Reese Gangster Rapper?

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What in the name of… Ok I’m not even going to try and explain anything this time just take a trip to Frank Kern’s blog over there and let’s see what you make of all this…http://masscontrolsite.com/blog/

Some people are nuts…or are they? If you’re familiar with Mass Control you’ll understand exactly why Reese et al come up with these barefoot shenanigans… because they weird people out…because it get’s you to click their link…because it makes them look cool! You bet…nothing is left to chance with these guys, you will do well to learn from these fellahs.

Here’s the link again: http://masscontrolsite.com/blog/

Checking Your Email More Than Twice a Day?

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Sounds like you got management issues…I’m not having a dig, I do too! Recognising it… the first step to a solution. I currently check my email around 6 or 7 times a day and you know what? For the large part it’s totally unnecessary. What do you guys think? This is an interesting one be sure to read this…

“Email, for the most part, is a lifesaver. But then, it could easily become a pain if you don’t manage it right. And, apparently, a lot of people are stumped over their emails. My friend Ned even said, “You know, I think of my inbox as the door that mustn’t be opened. Like in horror movies. You don’t want to go there if you know what’s good for you. I am so sick of my email.”

Apparently, many other suffer from “email sickness.” Get the full story at Simpology here: http://tinyurl.com/oqjoah

How Do You Use Linked In?

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Linked In is a great too for professional networking.. but do you use it effectively?

By design the social platform is for business professionals to keep in touch and as a additional benefit retain contact information up to date for others to use in their address book or recruiters to reach out with opportunities.

Here are the top five lessons from Shashi Bellamkond:

1.) After you are done adding their information to your address book, add them immediately to Linkedin

2.) When you reach out to someone, personalize your request so they know who it is and know that you took the time to ask for them to add you to their network

3.) Use “Answers” to build a reputation on LinkedIn and answer at least three questions a week in the area you want to be know as a through leader

4.) Spend at least 30 minutes a day, preferably twice a day, either in the morning, evening or both

5.) Recommend others as part of the “Good Karma” rule. If you give recommendations you will be surprised how many people reciprocate

If you haven’t had time to dive into LinkedIn or are an old pro, this book is fantastic and you will take at least one thing from it. (I did-see #2)

Here’s the original article: http://myventurepad.com/MVP/62159

Catch you soon (after I have implemented the above 😉

Internet Marketing… SMNRs?

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“Many industries today are working hard to adapt their business practices to the changing Web. One prime example is the public relations industry’s effort to develop the social media news release (SMNR).”

The question the folks over at internet marketing blog are asking is: “But should they be used for every release? Do they really help spread your message? Do they help your website get links?”

They recently conducted a study comparing the results of social media releases and traditional releases by publishing them across five newswires.

They hoped to learn which format would be syndicated on “portal websites” most often, and which would be best for link building.

You may be surprised by what they found… I certainly was. Click the link below for the results.


Free Twitter Tools

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There’s a bunch of nifty tricks in a box here that you can start using to make your online Twitter exploits 10 times more effective… Here  

Quality traffic to your website…

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I’m guessing most of you already have a blog for your site… if you’d be interested in getting more people to visit your site, people who would already be interested in what you have to sell… then you should try out Squidoo. Basically you make a single webpage for your product or website for free and it can be done in less than 15 minutes….
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